Web CAD SDK. 고객 평가 의견

Web CAD SDK. 고객 평가 의견

Yonatan Cohen, Vplans

VPlans is a product management tool that helps construction companies to organize all of the project data. After testing several solutions to open CAD files via browser, we choose to work with the product Web CAD SDK that renders CAD files better than any other SDK solution. We recommend CADSoftTools and their great products.

Yonatan Cohen

Hui Chang, China

We are a company that specializes in intelligence and digitalization for industrial customer, mainly in electrical distribution industry. In one of MES projects for an electrical equipment manufacturing company, the customer has a requirement of viewing CAD drawings for their production line workers. Web CAD SDK gives us an easy way to meet that requirement. It is a good experience cooperating with CADSoftTools for their understanding and support. We expect more cooperation with them.

Hui Chang,
LiZao Intelligent Digitalization Technology Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai, China

Paul Bracewell, Updraft Ltd

We were looking for a viewer for AutoCAD 2D office floor plans that would allow the user to interact with entities to display relevant information from our asset management/facilities maintenance database. I spent many hours and days researching, I tried many other competitor’s software and could find nothing as light-weight, flexible or cost-effective as the CADSoftTools Web CAD SDK.

The support staff are excellent, easy to communicate with, friendly, and helped me to customise the software to fit my project. With their help it was simple to be able to extract CAD block information from uploaded DWG files, save image representations of the CAD file and display an interactive floor plan inside my existing C#.Net project.

I would recommend CADSoftTools to colleagues and would definitely suggest you download a trial of their software if you are looking for a CAD API for ASP.Net. The software is adding a lot of value to mine as I’m sure it will to yours.

Paul Bracewell
Updraft Ltd

Evgeny Zubkov, Ukraine

At our university we use the software product AutoCad to teach students how to make drawings. Since AutoCad isn't installed on every computer, but it is too often necessary to view or print drawings both in the usual way and remotely from one computer lab where there is no printer of an appropriate size (for example). So it was decided to create a software product for viewing and printing DWG files.

Web CAD SDK is a valuable tool and platform for development of a needed software product at our Department. As a result we've developed a software application, which is run on the server at its start and works in a standby mode until a user activates it. Now students and professors of our Department can view design-and-engineering documentation in the web-browser, save it as .png graphic file format and print it without any cumbersome software applications.

This product was developed as an application to the master's thesis. Thank you so much for your support and for grantinga license to our university.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Evgeny Zubkov, Master's Degree Student

Galina Kozub, Ukraine

At our university I teach students to work with different CAD systems. Part of substantive work is connected with the AutoCad software product, so I agreed on the license for students with the company Autodesk. This software product is installed in several specialized laboratories, but we need to work with drawings practically on all computers. For some period of time we had a problem with design-and-engineering documentation. Our student suggested a solution to this problem, it was a software product developed as an application to the master's thesis.

The essence of the created application is that a user can open a DWG file in the web-browser on any computer of the Department and, if it is necessary, print it.

We thank CADSoftTools for granting a license to our university, for their contribution to the development of our Department, also our special thanks go to Evgeny Chuzhakin and Elena Reznikova, who were very helpful.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Galina Kozub, Associate Professor, PhD