How to scale your CAD drawing

How to scale your CAD drawing
LensKeywords: scale, relative scale, absolute scale, scale factor, base point, reference segment

This tutorial will show how to use the Scale tool, what is the difference between the Absolute and Relative modes, and how to resize objects if their dimensions don’t correspond after conversion.

Brief summary:

  1. Open your CAD file.
  2. Select an entity or entities you want to resize.
  3. On the Editor tab, select the Absolute or Relative scale command.
    1. Absolute scale: select a base point, specify a scale factor, and press Enter.
    2. Relative scale: select the first and second points of the reference segment, specify the desired length, and press Enter.
  4. Go to FileSave to save your rescaled drawing.

To know more about the Scale tool, please visit our help page.