CAD .NET 14.1 released
CAD .NET 14.1 released

Improved support of CGM file format, major improvements of import and export

There is good news for .NET developers! A new minor version of CAD .NET – version 14.1 – is now available. It includes:

  • Improved support of CGM files.
  • Bug fixes related to:
    • import of DWG and HPGL/2 files;
    • export of DXF and PDF files;
    • visualization.

CAD .NET 14.1 demo project

Do you want to give CAD .NET 14.1 a try? Download its 45-day free version:


CAD .NET 14.1 is free to all holders of CAD .NET 14 license. Just contact us via email and we will send you the new library package.

For further information on CAD .NET features and its licensing please write to us at

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